About Us

inflatable_factoryPopularinflatable is a professional exporting company and manufacturer of inflatables in China for more than 10 years. Popularinflatable proudly hosts a skilled work force and offers its clients the benefits of being able to produce custom any number of custom specialty designs.
Our product line includes the following inflatable promotional and marketing item:

kids bounce house
outdoor inflatables for sale
commercial inflatable bounce house
adult bounce house
moonwalk bounce house
inflatable bouncy castles

Our dedication to safety in the industry is confirmed daily as we design and construct inflatables that comply with the CE committee standards on Amusement Rides and Devices and are also an active voting committee member in the ASTM F-21 committee. Our Sales Team has the distinction of being the only professionally trained and certified staff knowledgeable about the International standards, As you can see the evolution and success of Zhengzhou Ant Trading Co.,Ltd. has allowed us to give back to the inflatable community the loyalty that we have witnessed in our customers, professional trade organizations, and our fellow peers.